Why you need to watch: Taskmaster

Welcome to my new series where I tell you about my favourite shows and why you need to go and watch them! First up is one of my all-time-favourites and something that will be sure to crack a smile onto your face (or give you the hiccups because it’ll make you laugh too much).

Taskmaster: the show that allows you to watch your favourite comedians embarrassing themselves.

When you think back to Wednesday evening at 9pm, what were you doing? Because if you live in the UK and you weren’t sat in front of the television with the channel Dave on then we probably can’t be friends. You can earn our friendship back though, very easily.

You know when you find something and you think it’s just so brilliant that the whole world needs it in their life? Yeah, well this is like that. I don’t know how a Brit can get through their day without a bit of comedy. It’s so rare that I see people I follow tweeting about comedy – do you not want to be happy? Indulge in the comedy! There’s a comedian out there for everybody. I mean, I have about 30 favourites so there you go.

Taskmaster is a very crazy and sometimes facepalm-worthy comedy panel show full of comedians. You’ll have heard of a lot of the contestants. Mel and Noel from Bake Off, the Dad from Outnumbered, the tall one from Pointless, the small one from Cats Does Countdown, um…Russell Howard. Taskmaster makes these comedians more than just the shows they’re famous for. It gives us a taste of their brilliant (and slightly mental) personalities.

The basis of the show is that the comedians/contestants are given random tasks by the Taskmaster, Greg Davies (the teacher from The Inbetweeners/’chief Ken’ in Cuckoo for those of you who don’t know your comedy) and his assistant ‘little Alex Horne’ (who isn’t little, but everybody’s little compared to Greg. He’s also not an assistant, he created the show).

With two series of the show airing pretty much every year, we’re already onto the 7th series and the best thing is, it doesn’t matter what series you start on.

My favourite series so far?

Series 4 – so I obviously recommend starting out on that one if you can’t choose. Series 5 comes very close which surprised me because I only knew one of the contestants (the blonde one from Miranda & Bridget Jones) before watching but the fab thing is that now I have loads more favourite comedians who I never knew existed before.

The current series of the show has only had 3 episodes so far (the perfect place for you to start watching) but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a favourite for everybody. Rhod Gilbert is already my hero, I’m going to see him in May and I screamed for about an hour when they first revealed this series’ contestants. You know what? It may have been a day, or even a month…I lost track. Maybe I’m still screaming.

All I can really say to convince you to watch it is that you’re not living your best life until you’ve seen it. If you don’t like to laugh then I, uh, can’t really judge you on that, but if you do then you should already be over on the UKTV on demand site watching. It’s all on there, so you have no excuse.

I believe there is also an American version which you might prefer if you live in the US!

But for now I leave you with Greg & Alex trying to make Mel from Bake Off angry.


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    I always love watching comedy, my favourite at the moment is watching old episodes of Peep Show, it always makes me laugh. I’ve never heard of Taskmaster but the YouTube clip looks so funny! I’d love to see what other challenges they do, I need to check this out. Thanks for sharing Vicki! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    Sep 28, 2018 at 6:47 pm
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