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Guest Post: Hippie Within

Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited to be guest posting on Vicki’s blog to talk about my new clothing line!

The name of it is Hippie Within, and that’s because I believe we all have a little hippie within us and I think it’s extremely important to have that inner peace. While I’m promoting my clothing line, I’m also writing on my blog about ways to achieve inner peace, while attempting to keep the vibes happy and positive!

I’d love for you to check that out, and hope that it helps even a bit, but today I want to focus on my clothing line.

My goal is to design positive, fun, funny or rad designs that anyone could rock!

A couple of my personal favorites are:

Barefoot, Wild & Free (My personal mantra of life)

I also have a “Save the Earth” Line –

100% of profits from every shirt in this line, goes to organizations that help save the earth! I’m very passionate about this topic, so any way I can contribute or make a difference I’m happy to do!

Here are a few shirts from that line:

I’m constantly working on new designs and switching them up, trying my best to improve them!

I hope you guys are loving the tees and will check out my shop 🙂

As a special thank you to Vicki, I want to offer all of her followers 25% off!

You can use the Code “Vicki25” at checkout

A little about the brand:

I decided to quit my job on a whim because I didn’t agree with the way it was being run, or the way I was being treated. In hopes that I could created an amazing company, and one day be an amazing boss- I started my own line designing shirts.

Inner peace is so extremely important to me and it’s something that I’m working on every single day. And I hope that I can help create a peaceful environment for others as well.

My plan is to save the world one tee shirt a time: I hope you’re with me!


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