A-Z of Me

A is for Animals. 

I’ve already talked about how insanely obsessed with animals I am. I don’t think I reach my full capacity of happy unless I’m around an animal. If I’m around even more than one animal at one time then I might just burst with excitement. I’m not even very picky. I had some aqua dragons at recently (I missed out on water monkeys when I was younger so I thought it would be fun) and even they keep me happy…when they weren’t trying to do certain things to each other…
B is for Beaches. 
I love the beach, I love dipping my toes into the sand and the water. As long as there aren’t massive jelly fish in the water, jelly fish are not cool. There were some the size of dustbin lids in Wales the other summer and I spotted a Portuguese Man O’ War a couple of times. But jelly fish aside, I love being at the beach. I don’t know what it is about it, it just makes me really happy. There’s no where quite as relaxing.
C is for Cardiff.
Where my heart is at the moment and pretty much all I ever think about. You can find out all about why I love it so much by visiting my blog post about it here.
D is for Doctor Who.
I’m not a geek, honest. It only happens to be one of my favourite shows ever. I don’t think my reasons for loving it would make sense to somebody that doesn’t watch, so I’m not going to try and explain why I find it so brilliant just yet. Donna Noble deserved better and that’s all you need to know!
E is for Editing.
I love to spend my time editing. Whether videos or photos. Part of me wants to say it’s relaxing, but it isn’t really – it can be quite stressful. But I enjoy it nonetheless. It’s a fun hobby to fill time and I have my own Youtube channel editing fan videos (don’t judge me).
F is for Fajitas. 
My favourite type of food EVER! I don’t even have a clue how I first started eating them. It wasn’t so long ago but now they’re basically on my mind a lot of the time. I’ve always been really fussy when it comes to veg, but I find myself craving peppers and onions all day long. Add some meat, some sauce and some spice.
Hmm I could have just gone with food for this one. Oh well.
G is for Gardening. 
I love gardening with all my heart, it’s one of my favourite hobbies and I find it the best way to relax. I love seeing them grow, I think it’s just the most wonderful thing about Spring/Summer. If you’ve never tried it but struggle with anxiety/stress, I have to recommend it as it really helps. Especially the initial planting.


H is for Home.
I don’t necessarily feel like I have the right home yet, I feel like I’ll get that eventually though. But I feel at home in my little flat with my boyfriend, I suppose – it’s just a shame about the city. Despite how much I go on about hating it though, we have been lucky enough to find somewhere in one of the nicer parts and the atmosphere is always lovely. My Favourite part is those Summer weekends where we can sit on the balcony and hear live music coming from the local bar.
I is for Instagram. I’ve just recently re-done my Instagram and I’m quite pleased with how it looks. That’s what’s got me back into blogging. I used to be very into photography and studied it for a while so it’s nice to try and create creative images again. I only use my smart phone at the moment as it’s quick and easy so unfortunately the quality isn’t as good as I’d like.
You can follow me here. You can also find my new instagram fro my graphics over at vickidoesgraphics. If you’re a blogger or small website then I will follow back on both!
J is for Jokes.
I love comedy. I spend a lot of my life watching comedy shows on the TV (if you don’t watch Taskmaster, you’re missing out entirely). I love sitcoms, I love stand up. I’d love to see more comedians live, I’ve only seen Jimmy Carr so far, but he was so good.
K is for Ketchup. I feel like the rest of the world would say kittens for this one but I hate any form of cat, they’re evil. Instead I went with ketchup… hmm, yeah. I like spice, I like pepper, I like gravy and I like ketchup. If at least one of those things isn’t on my meal then something’s gone wrong with the world.
L is for Lemons. I just really like lemons, is that really weird? I don’t like lemon flavoured things at all but I love lemons themselves. I can pretty much eat them like oranges. I hate that I no longer drink Coke because lemon in Coke was just fantastic.
M is for Musicals.
I just loveeeeee musicals. I love the music in musicals, I love the power in the voices. I can’t even really pinpoint it very well, what I love about them so much. My favourites are Joseph, Wicked, Hairspray & Lion King. I’ve seen them all at the West End, other than Wicked which I saw on tour. All were fantastic”
N is for Nans. I never got to meet my granddads, I wasn’t alive in time, but I met my Nan’s and they were both incredible and generous people. I felt like they deserve a mention.
O is for Olivia. Or Liv but L was taken by Lemons, sorry. The best friend I’ve ever had, and ‘sister’ and in Alex’s words ‘sort of our child’. I may disagree with her love choice and act like her mother but it’s only because I care about her more than anyone!
P is for Photography.
Pasta, you just narrowly missed out to Photography! I have so little time to do it these days but I do have a huge passion for it when I can get some time alone with my camera. 


Q is for QuietBecause I am quiet. I’ve tried to change it for other people but it’s who I am. I don’t have much to say, I don’t feel the need to have much to say. I like time on my own now and then, loud people annoy me most of the time.
R is for Recruiter
Because it’s my job at the moment and because the only other ‘R’ word I could think of was ‘Rabbit’ and this post is already too animal dominated. Oh… I just realised I could have gone with rats. I like rats – check my post out here to see why. You might be surprised!
S is for Sleep.
Sleep isn’t just a necessity, it’s a hobby okay! Is there anything better than sleep? Sleep is sooooo good! I love falling asleep naturally too, just drifting off. I want to sleep now that I’m talking about sleep.
T is for Takeaways.
Because sometimes (often) cooking is just too time consuming and takeaways really taste good. They’re also stressful when they don’t turn up correctly, but they’re probably a bigger part of my life than they should be.
U is for Unicorns
Obviously. What else was it going to be for? Have you ever met a woman who isn’t obsessed with unicorns? We need unicorn everything.
V is for Venice
I’ve never been to Venice but it’s definitely near the top of my bucket list, it always looks so beautiful and colourful. Has anybody been?
W is for WalkingI just adore walking. I would walk and explore all day if I could. It is by far my favourite type of exercise and there are so many places to go (providing you don’t live where I live). I think I might need a dog. Does anybody want to give me a dog?
X is for Xmas.Even though I hate calling Christmas that, I couldn’t think of anything else okay!!!!! I don’t so much care about Christmas day itself, I just love the lead up to the day and how joyful and happy everybody is. Those hot chocolates and all the singing. It’s a lovely feeling. Not forgetting the Christmas Market as well!
Y is for YouthfulBecause I still look at act about sixteen, despite being almost a decade older than that.
Z is for Zoo.
If you take me to one then you’ll literally have to drag me away. I’ve said it before but there is no place I’m happier. I would love to work in one (if I wasn’t a little bit scared of being bitten by animals). I could just be a zoo’s content creator – that would be the dream.


I hope you enjoyed my A-Z!
If you didn’t catch my last post about my new graphics venture, I’d be ever-so grateful if you could please take a look here and throw me any support you can!
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  • Reply Hello Bexa

    I loved reading your A-Z Vicki! We sound so similar, loud people can really annoy me too he he, I much prefer quiet time. Also, fajitas, sleep and unicorns are the best! I really enjoy editing too, I find photo editing relaxing but know what ya mean, if it doesn’t go to plan it can get stressful. Fantastic list and thank you for sharing! <3

    Bexa |

    August 12, 2018 at 6:27 pm
    • Reply missviclb

      Thank you for your comment! It sounds like we do and we even live in the same place!

      August 12, 2018 at 7:01 pm
  • Reply Anjhanee Daise

    Love your A-Z! This was a really fun post to read. We enjoy many of the same things, especially Christmas time and gardening! Thank you so much for sharing! (:

    August 13, 2018 at 3:40 pm
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