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Hi guys!

This is just an introductory post, I hope it won’t make you cringe too much. I recently started a new job and have since decided to attempt at growing my online, social presence. As somebody who’s worked in social media for three or four years now it’s completely ridiculous that I’m only starting this as we speak, but I was inspired by my manager to do so today.

About me

So, I’m in my mid-twenties and live in Southampton, Hampshire. I recently started a job in I.T recruitment which isn’t a career I ever expected to go into but so far so good. I have a decent history of working for clients in the social media field and I do now run my current business’ social media on the side of my ‘official’ role. I’m a graduate in Television and Video production, I love television but I haven’t quite found my place in that industry yet.

So what will this blog feature? Well, I don’t really know. So instead I’ve listed below some of the things I like the most in this world (non-people related). They’re the things that are most likely to show up on this blog.


My two main hobbies are writing and video editing. I get bored so easily and my enjoyments don’t usually stick for long periods of time. However, writing I’ve been doing ever since I could write, there’s just something so magical to me about getting lost in a character of your own creation’s mind. As for editing videos I’ve been doing that for about ten years now. I find it both relaxing and stressful, depending on how slow Sony Vegas/other editing software’s are deciding to run.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that if you take me to a zoo, you’d literally have to drag me away. I have a complete and utter obsession with animals. I recently went to Wales and became obsessed with Wallabies. I had no idea I even liked wallabies! I fed them and decided it was one of the best days of my life (they were really gentle, it was adorable). I don’t have any pets living with me, but my parents live with my gorgeous dog Syrup and our three ducks. I recently had three pet rats and I miss them every day. Oh, and we have an office cat (who doesn’t actually belong to us, she just spends most of her days roaming around our office.)


Until recently I had always been an ‘eat to live’ kind-of person, but now I am definitely 100% a ‘live to eat’ person. Good food is unbelievable! And by that I don’t mean vegetables, by that I mean expensive burgers, spicy fajitas and Bella Italia pizza. I used to be absolutely terrified of eating out, I used to hate it. But now I really love it so expect restaurant reviews! Food is so good, I look forward to it every day to be honest.

Pretty Scents

I can’t get enough of things that smell nice! I’m talking bath bombs, candles, wax melts. I love a nice, relaxing bath and there’s nothing more romantic than a couple of candles. These kind of things will definitely be things I talk about and recommend on here.


From Game of Thrones to Neighbours and Doctor Who to The Apprentice, I just love television. I love character progression and beautiful writing. I’m very much into British shows more so than American ones. I’m so British. I just adore British comedy and that makes up 80% of what I watch on television. I can’t name my favourite comedian because I have about twenty! I’m also kinda a Pokemon fan… I’m a bit childish but what’s wrong with that, right?


I have this overwhelming sensation of wanderlust on a daily basis, yet I never travel and never have. It’s actually quite frustrating because I just want to get out there and go places…but I can’t really afford to do that. I love going places though. I often go to new cities in England – the south of it anyway – and even exploring my own country is enough for now. I love walks, I love going places. I really can’t sit still, I just love to find new things. I love the beach too – but not sitting on the beach or sunbathing, I love dipping my feet in the water and walking along the sand instead.

That’s pretty much it for now, just a guide of what to expect. I hope you’ll return to take a look when I put my first proper post up!

Thanks for reading


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